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Boosting green electricity in 11 European regions (RES-E REGIONS)

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If European targets on the use of renewable energy sources for electricity (RES-E) are to be met, local action will be essential. The project aimed to boost renewable electricity production in 11 European regions by defining regional RES-E targets and developing regional strategies. Although the European directive on renewable electricity deals with some of the main barriers to uptake, the project contributes to making the ambitious national and European targets achievable by encouraging complementary action on a regional and local level. RES-E Region’s objectives were to use a variety of methods to keep on raising awareness and to run information activities targeting different elements of the market.


  • Informing and motivating regional actors, e.g. organising more than 60 events attended by a total of over 3 300 regional and European stakeholders, producing and disseminating more than 30 000 copies of 30 different publications, holding more than 100 face-to-face advice sessions for RES-E projects, and answering more than 650 enquiries on 11 RES-E hotlines;
  • Identifying Best Practice Solutions for administrative procedures at the regional level;
  • Developing "Regional RES-E Strategies" and supporting political processes for their adoption;
  • Providing insight into specific aspects of the regional RES-E situation by producing 11 "RES-E maps" as well as representative surveys and transposition reports on "RES-E Directive" implementation;
  • Launch of the "Declaration of European Regions for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency", aiming to raise the profile of European regions’ commitment to sustainable energy and to encourage regions which have not yet set quantitative sustainable energy objectives to do so in the future. Between March 2006 and April 2007, 79 regions expressed their commitment by signing the Declaration. This goes way beyond all project partner expectations and can be considered a real success. A platform of co

Lessons learned

  • Regions have a very important role to play in increasing the market shares for RES-e and in achieving the European policy targets: - by taking a strategic approach and developing and implementing RES-e strategies and action plans - by tackling administrative barriers often to be found on regional or sub-regional levels - by promotion and awareness raising and involving regional stakeholders - by tackling the increase in electricity consumption and thereby increasing the RES-e shares.
  • There is a significant interest and willingness among a number of European regions to act in favour of renewable energy sources, however, further European support and networking is needed to fully benefit from the contribution regions can make.
  • For influencing people and thus the development of RES-e on local level, it is crucial to involve local & regional stakeholders and establish contacts among them. Last Updated: 01.06.2010

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Energie Agentur Steiermark GmbH
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Christiane Egger
Christiane Egger


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01/01/2005 to 30/04/2007
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