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A European map for renewable energies and energy efficiency (REPOWERMAP)

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The aim of this project is to promote renewable energies and energy efficiency by raising awareness and facilitating information exchange with an interactive online map. On this map, concrete examples for sustainable energy use and related local information are shown, to encourage people and stakeholders to follow these examples for using renewable energies and energy efficiency. Furthermore, the project facilitates know-how exchange and the spread of innovative technologies at local level and across borders. By promoting site visiting opportunities, in particular also within the framework of the EU Sustainable Energy Week, the project aims to strengthen know-how exchange further. A broad network of organizations, local and regional authorities, and other energy actors is developing this map jointly. The map is interactive, and users can upload their own examples and write about experiences made. The action builds on the successful initiative. It creates synergies in awareness raising between different energy actors by sharing examples and local information about renewable energies and energy efficiency on a common map.


  • The project facilitates information exchange by mapping 40'000 concrete project examples for the use of renewable energies and energy efficiency and related local information, in the target countries Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, and Poland. The examples on the map make it easier for people to take action and start using these technologies. The action both spreads local know-how and also enables cross-border exchange of innovative ideas.
  • To facilitate information exchange by hands-on experience, to increase visibility of frontrunners, and to increase confidence in the public for renewable energies and energy efficiency, site visits are promoted by showing 4,000 related events on the map per year. The presentation of these events promotes existing site visit campaigns. 300 site visit events will contribute to the development of a new "European Open Day of Renewable Energies" within the framework of the Sustainable Energy Week.
  • By making the map known in cooperation with a network of organizations, local authorities, and other energy actors, 1,000 unique visitors will view the map online per day. Significant synergies in awareness raising are created, and building owners, companies, and public authorities are encouraged to get inspired by examples on the map and to use renewable energies and energy efficiency as well.

Lessons learned

  • The idea to motivate people to use renewable energies and energy efficiency measures by making visible examples in their neighborhood with a common interactive map is supported by a large network of organizations, regions and local authorities.
  • The more energy actors participate, the higher the synergies are.
  • The map offers multiple benefits for different key actors.

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Bolliger Roman


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01/04/2012 to 30/09/2014
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