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EuRopean Network of bioEnergy Districts (RENEWED)

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Bio-energy districts (BD) exploiting the local agro-forestry biomass and food industry waste are the topic of the project. The main result will be the implementation of a European Network of 7 BDs in 5 European Countries: Austria, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Spain. The project aims at removing the barriers that obstacle the take off of the BD. The project is organised in 6 stages: - definition of BD model to identify the potential of an area and identification of 7 BDs; - thorough survey on bio-energy (successsful projects, research, etc.); - implementation of the feasibility studies; - involvement of stakeholder (farmers, policy makers, supply chain actors, end users, resaerchers), analysis of financial opportunities and environmental beneficts; - definition of a prototype of framework agreement for the production, distribution and use of bio-energy; - Broad communication to involve all key actors and inform the citizens, to collect local and national feedback and to disseminate the project results. The project addresses mainly biomass producers (farmers, forests managers, food industries, public green managers) and energy users.


  • Creation of 7 bio-energy districts within the European regions involved ;
  • A bio-energy district analysis model and a Framework Agreement prototype: useful for the identification of the equilibrium and relationship in the concerned areas and to reach a level of abstraction to make it usable in other territories in Europe;
  • A thorough survey on bio-energy based on national and international scientific production on topics of interest, including norms, regulations and laws affecting the renewable energy and analysis of the data;
  • Communication and involvement of local communities: this result is expected will remove the barrier of social acceptability of the proposal interventions (BDs).

Lessons learned

  • The feasibility studies developed on the basis of a declared and transparent methodology allowed an easier dialogue among the subjects, actors, interested in the BDs’ analysis. The BDs analysis settings in its whole was considered interesting from public decision makers, as to be considered as a valid contribution to the connected decision processes.
  • During the development of the framework agreement prototype it has been remarked the need of a balance between all stakeholders involved in the bio-energy chain; the framework agreement model delivered is the result of this continuous prodding.
  • Contacts were established with regional biomass stakeholders and actors since the beginning of the project. However, local community and local actors were mostly contacted after the identification of the Bioenergy Districts. Local communities were involved not only through seminars and informative events, but also through workgroups and meetings for elaboration of the feasibility studies.

Partners and coordinator

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C.R.P.V. - Centro Ricerche Produzioni Vegetali - Società cooperativa
Contact point: 
Mr Tommasini
0039 0547 632565
Maria Grazia Tommasini
+39 0547632565


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01/10/2006 to 31/03/2009
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