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Regional Energy Profit Clusters - Economic growth, competitive advantages and employment incentives in regions through regional energy profit clusters (REGIO ENERGY PROFIT)

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The projects' aim is to gain best regional economic benefits from sustainable energy systems. The underlying assumption is that sustainable energy concepts will find broader and more powerful support if they can be justified by proven regional economic benefits. Therefore a strong cooperation between the whole energy-based regional value chain, the regional authorities and energy agencies is needed. As result of REGIO ENERGY PROFIT optimised cluster management structures fostering both, the implementation of sustainable energy systems and regional economic growth, employment and innovation are expected. To achieve these goals the project assesses the impact of sustainable energy policies and programmes on regional economic growth, employment and innovation. Best practice of management structures, policy instruments and joint actions are identified in the partner regions and actions are implemented by the regional cluster management.


  • A methodological framework to evaluate economic growth (added value), innovation and employment benefits of sustainable energy systems at regional level
  • Comparisons, conclusions and recommendations on how to stimulate regional economic activities, value chains and supply networks in support of sustainable energy systems
  • Comparisons, conclusions and recommendations onhow to establish efficient and workable cluster management structures for further promotion of "Regional Energy Profit Clusters"
  • Implemented regional actions with respect to suitable management structures, policy instruments, financial resources, trainings, communication and marketing activities, etc.
  • High recognition of the "Regional Energy Profit Cluster" concept throughout Europe and high interest and motivation of European regions to transfer the concept

Lessons learned

  • Different stages of development and different databases in the regions make a quantitative comparison of the participating regions difficult; it is nevertheless possible to compare the regions in a more qualitative way and to generate interesting results.

Partners and coordinator

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B.&S.U. Beratungs- und Service Gesellschaft Umwelt mbH
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Anke Merziger
Gabriele Zink-Ehlert
0049 30 39042 96
Anke Merziger
+49 30 39042 54
Heinel Thekla
+49 30 39042-66


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01/10/2007 to 30/09/2009
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