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Renewable and Efficient Energy for Poverty Alleviation in Southern Africa (REEPASA)

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REEPASA is aimed at increasing the use of renewable energy technologies for electricity generation and promoting the rational use of energy for poverty alleviation in Southern Africa. Within the Southern Africa region, the low cost of grid electricity is a major barrier for energy efficiency and renewables for electricity generation. This project will therefore demonstrate that they can complement traditional grid electricity. The project is working with partners and key stakeholders in Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland and Zambia, and includes policy makers, local authorities and private developers. The partners will work with existing programmes to develop productive use and cross-sectoral approaches. Since local authorities provide critical services, the project will promote the rational use of energy to reduce costs and improve service delivery in urban and peri-urban areas.


  • Adoption of policy and finance tools, such as hard targets for renewably generated power and greater support for end-of-grid renewable energy technology projects.
  • Rural electrification programmes refined to encourage productive use of electricity by SMEs to create jobs and incomes.
  • Rural electrification programmes refined to include a cross-sectoral focus so electricity is used to improve rural schools, hospitals, etc.
  • Carbon offset financing for renewable energy technology projects will increase as a result of technical support to country Designated National Authorities.
  • Local authorities in each target country will adopt energy efficiency measures to improve the services offered to urban and peri-urban communities.

Lessons learned

  • There are extensive opportunities and interest from the private sector to invest in renewable energy and rural electrification.
  • Key policy makers have energy on their political agenda in terms of improving development and national security.
  • There are opportunities for collaboration with a number of existing and planned related programmes and activities. Last updated: 11.08.2010

Partners and coordinator

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Energy for Sustainable Development Ltd
United Kingdom
Contact point: 
Jonathan Curren
0044 1225 812102
Jonathan Curren
0044 1225 812102l
Robert Cohen
0044 (0) 1225 812 102


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01/01/2006 to 30/06/2008
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