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Renewable Energy and Building Exhibitions in Cities of the enlarged Europe (REBECEE)

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REBECEE aims to promote renewable energy heating/cooling applications and energy efficiency solutions for buildings. On the occasion of major investment projects in Kiel (D), Ljubljana (SL), Alingsås/Gothenburg (S), Tallinn (EE) and The Netherlands, where more than 50 types of new built and redeveloped energy houses will be implemented, the consortium will work together to ensure that more than 300 units with integrated RES H/C components will be installed there, which will be presented in the frame of five Renewable Energy Building Exhibitions. Although the investments and the construction measures are not a part of the project, these will be used for a massive promotion and training campaign in these 5 cities. These houses are part of new residential and revitalized areas without CO2 emission in the participating cities. The supply of the sites with 100 % RES is aimed. On each site up to 10 show houses can be visited. After the exhibitions, the houses will be occupied by the purchasers. Additionally, three other cities - Sofia (BG), Riga (LV), Vilnius (LT) - take part as the observers in the project and will be enabled to implement similar RES H/C projects in their regions.


  • 5 RE Building Exhibitions with 50 types of newly built and redeveloped houses and 300 units with integrated RE-components. Energy consumption of new buildings down to 40 kWh/m²a (aiming 20 kWh/m²a). Reduction of energy consumption of refurbished buildings down to 30 - 40 % of national standards.
  • in Kiel 5th to 28th September 2008 with 20 projects and central fair at main shopping mall “Sophienhof”, in Alingsås 23rd to 30th April 2009 with three different bigger projects and central fair “EnBo09”, in Tallinn 22nd May to 14th June 2009 with ten projects and cantral exhibition at main shopping mall, in Ljubljana 8th to 26th June 2009 with up to ten projects and central exhibition at the city hall, in the Netherlands 21st to 25th September 2009.
  • up to 40.000 visitors at exhibitions, workshops and other events so far. Ten-thousands of customers , experts, multipliers, investors, politicians are motivated by P.R. campaigns to visit the exhibitions, 200 workshops and events about RE, sustainable development and economical possibilities in the forward-looking business.
  • Sensitisation of citizens for energy optimized rehabilitation and building measures. Training of politicians, municipal officers, architects.

Lessons learned

  • International know-how transfer took place mostly in regards of technology experience transfer from Sweden and Germany to Estonia, the Netherlands and Slovenia. Germany and Sweden exchanged their experience. Due to the lack of specialists the Netherlands and Estonia were grateful partners for construction solutions that proved their value in the partner countries. Mutual professional participation of the REBECEE partners in conferences and workshops was very intensive.
  • Pan-European strategies of market partners could not be discovered, even though numerous companies were present as a sales agency almost on every REBECEE location. Market partnerships were usually related to regional project implementation and required regional interest. For this all-Europe experience in product usage and application were resorted, yet national peculiarities such as legislation, norms and prices were taken into consideration.
  • REBECEE has shown that appropriate public relation for the use of renewable energies and more energy efficiency in construction combines conferences, congresses and trade fairs with building exhibitions of reference projects.The surveys discovered a great interest among the visitors in the exhibited products, especially when already implemented in buildings. Last updated: 11.06.2010

Partners and coordinator

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Zentrum für Energie, Bauen Architektur und Umwelt ZEBAU GmbH
Contact point: 
Peter-M. Friemert
0049 40 380 384-0


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22/11/2006 to 21/11/2009
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