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Renewable energy and liberalisation in selected electricity markets Forum (REALISE FORUM)

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The project addressed the role of renewable energies and their support within the liberalised electricity markets of Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia and Norway. It analysed the degree of liberalisation in the markets as a first step before looking at advantages and disadvantages of the different types of support for renewable electricity. Feed-in and premium systems offering fixed tariffs/premiums to the generators of renewable electricity were compared with so-called market-based quota/green certificates systems, which determine a quota of green electricity and leave pricing up to the market. The project team offered a platform to stakeholders ("national desks") in a bid to reconcile the different systems and to develop solutions which benefit from both systems. Finally, the project team argued for a "coordinated approach", for future combination of a variety of support for different technologies according to their maturity.


  • An independent and coherent analysis and assessment of the relation between RES-E measures and the liberalisation of electricity markets in selected countries;
  • A characterisation of the current support schemes;
  • Establishment of a regular dialogue and of a web platform (REALISE Forum) in the shape of a forum (national desk activities and hearings/workshops) to promote a broad debate and exchanges of experience and information between policy makers, energy practitioners, regulators, NGOs, consumers associations and major stakeholders in the initiation, implementation and promotion of renewable energy;
  • The launching of a broad debate with national/international stakeholders, among other things about criteria to render future support schemes compatible with other policy objectives such as industrial and technology policy, environmental policy, competition policy, etc.;
  • Development of basic principles as guidance for a possibly coordinated RES-E support system.

Lessons learned

  • There is a scope for establishing a platform for stakeholders and decision makers to discuss in a balanced way specific support policy issues and promote the exchange of viewpoints and perceptions on possible co-ordination paths.
  • The consensus on national support schemes and/or willingness to change them is dependent on the degree of competitiveness, of risk and of specification of the respective systems. In spite of different positions, there is a certain consent within the various stakeholder groups (actor cohesion) on the effectiveness of national support schemes for electricity from renewables with regard to a number of key market aspects and the rejection of an harmonisation European support system.
  • The optimum set-up of support instruments for electricity from renewables can vary widely from one country to another depending on its peculiar electricity market and economic and social conditions. FIT represent the most widespread and successful instrument. Last updated: 04.06.2010

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Freie Universität Berlin
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Lutz Mez
0049 30 838 555 85


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01/01/2005 to 28/02/2007
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