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Reduce Energy use And Change Habits (REACH)

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The aim of REACH is to contribute to fuel poverty abatement at practical and structural level. This aim translates into a twofold objective to empower fuel poor households (vulnerable consumers) to take actions to save energy and change their habits, and to establish fuel poverty as an issue that demands structural solutions (tailor-made policies and measures) at local, national and EU level. REACH will target fuel poor households, decision makers and local actors that can help address fuel poverty (such as social services or local authorities). It will engage vocational school teachers and students in delivering energy advice to fuel poor households. The action will first map the local and national situations in the field of fuel poverty. It will transfer know-how and skills for energy advising by first training the partners and then the teachers and students of vocational schools. Promotion campaigns will be developed and implemented together with local actors in 5 pilot areas. This will help organize and implement the visits for fuel poor households to empower them to reduce energy and water use and provide them with support where needed. The visits will be monitored to ensure quality. The next step will be to shape recommendations for decision-makers on how to structurally tackle fuel poverty and stimulate them to engage in fuel poverty abatement (eg through organizing debates on fuel poverty, meeting with decision-makers, and raising media attention for fuel poverty).


  • Overview of fuel poverty situation in four countries, resulting in established basis for shaping policy recommendations and organising national and EU level policy work
  • Implemented five workshops for local actors, five trainings for teachers and 10 trainings for energy advisors, resulting in 20 local actors engaged in local actions, 20 trained teachers and 250 trained energy advisors
  • Implemented 1600 visits of fuel poor households with tailor-made advice, package of energy saving devices, guidebook and post-visit support, resulting in 1600 households empowered to reduce their energy use, 3200 hours of energy audits, 3200 hours of energy advising, 4800 installed devices and savings of 1280 t CO2, 768 toe of energy and 512.000 EUR
  • Composed four national and EU level policy recommendations presented to decision-makers through debates, meetings and media, resulting in 160 decision-makers engaged in tackling fuel poverty as an issue that demands structural tailormade solutions and reach out on policy debates to about 400.000 people
  • Developed action presentation tools (website, video, leaflet) to present the action at EU events, to media and over social and EU networks, resulting in action being presented to about 500.000 people across EU, mainly to representatives of target groups, key actors and general or interested public

Lessons learned

  • See project website for further updates

Partners and coordinator

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Focus Association for Sustainable Development
Maurerjeva 7
1000 Ljubljana
Contact point: 
Lidija Zivcic


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01/03/2014 to 28/02/2017
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