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Raising awareness on renewable energy developing agro-energetic chain models (RADAR)

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RADAR, composed of 11 partners from 7 EU countries, aimed at promoting the energy citizenship trough the setting up of Rural Sustainable Energy Communities, in order to facilitate the adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures by local communities and to prepare the way for large scale investments. RADAR acted mainly on the implementation of awareness-raising activities but also developed tangible agro-energetic chain models for 7 pilot areas as well as comprehensive feasibility studies. The creation of Rural SEC enabled the use of a bottom-up approach, and an adjustment of the activities according to the needs of the concerned areas. Activities such as the description of the pilot areas; the definition of Agro-Energetic Chain Models and implementation of feasibility study were validated by these boards.


  • Transnational Pilot Areas Network (PAN): the communities are involved in a network which allows them a "friendly" and efficient communication in order to share best practices and exchanging data for Agro-Energetic Chain Studies implementation
  • Description of the Pilot Areas and realization of Agro-Energetic Chain Models for each Pilot Area
  • Feasibility studies verifying the efficiency and effectiveness of the Agro-energetic Chain Models and agro energetic chains agreements among stakeholders involved in each rural SEC
  • Agro-Energetic Chains Agreements formalized among the stakeholders involved in each Rural SEC of the Pilot Areas, where they formally expressed their interest for the future application of the model by the Chain’s Actors.

Lessons learned

  • Importance to acquire knowledge about the energetic needs and the potential for renewable energy sources of each Pilot Area, as well as previous experience when making decision regarding the adoption of renewable energy technologies, in order to develop the most efficient and suitable technology system which can allow a better utilization of the biomass available.
  • Importance of transfer of knowledge, best practices and solutions among different actors and different countries when facing common logistic, technological or non technological problems. In particular, financial and political support to initiatives related to the development of renewable energy are crucial in order to assess the main goals of the energy policies.
  • Raising interest of Local Stakeholders, Municipalities and Population is a key element in order to guarantee a common acceptance and a widespread knowledge of the benefits of the adoption of Renewable Energy and to fulfill the EU objective in the energy sector.

Partners and coordinator

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Regione Marche - Servizio Agricoltura, Forestazione e Pesca
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Cristina Martellini
0039 071 806 3786


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01/11/2007 to 30/10/2009
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