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Increased deployment of firewood by improving fuel quality and low emission combustion (QUALITY WOOD)

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The main objective of the project is to enhance a significant increase of the use firewood in the EU by promoting better fuel quality management, to improve firewood production and supply chains and to promote the use of more efficient combustion appliances with less environmental impacts. Targets of the project is to improve firewood quality by promoting sophisticated fuel production and logistics systems, to enhance the possibilities for professional firewood production and trade, to provide firewood producers with knowledge on how to improve their production chains to meet the customers’ quality requirements, to disseminate information on the means of firewood heating with higher efficiency and lower emissions – not only with modern appliances, but also by using the right heating methods, to provide an expert assessment about the current status and future trends of the firewood market situation (quality and volumes), as well as the technical level of firewood production and combustion equipment. The firewood use will be improved by enhancing co-operation, information and dissemination within the different market actors in the whole firewood chain.


  • On firewood resources and quality, markets, production and equipments in participating countries
  • The status of standards in the firewood market
  • To achieve methods for high firewood quality by professional production
  • How to improve firewood production chains and trade in local, regional, national and international levels
  • Good firing habits and better combustion with higher efficiency and lower emissions

Lessons learned

  • The most important quality parameter of firewood is the moisture content, which should not be more than 20 weightpercent. Professional firewood producers control moisture by measuring and nonprofessional producers relies on experience and traditions. By using thermal drying (warm or hot air) firewood can be produced all year round also in Nordic countries.
  • More professional firewood producers with modern, efficient technology will be in the market in the future and modern marketing tools like etrading will be used. Because new houses in urban areas do not have firewood storages, the amount of packaged firewood will increase.
  • The use of modern, low emission and high efficiency firing technology for firewood will increase the amount of usable heat and decrease emissions by 10 – 30 times. Conventional heating technology still prevails in the markets of heating devices, with high emissions and low efficiency especially if open fireplaces or overfire log wood boilers are used. By switching to modern technology there is a huge potential for an emission decrease. Last updated: 10.07.2010

Partners and coordinator

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VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Contact point: 
Eija Alakangas
+358 20 722 2550
Arvo Leinonen
00358 20 722 2677
+358 40 571 0364


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01/11/2006 to 30/04/2009
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