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Towards improved compliance and quality of the works for better performing buildings (QUALICHeCK)

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There are clear indications that Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) and building works do not always meet the regulatory or contractual specifications; however, quantified evidence regarding non-compliance was missing in many Member States.To answer this problem and improve the energy performance of buildings, the IEE funded QUALICHeCK project aimed at:
  • identifying challenges in respect to existing relevant procedures;
  • highlighting best practices, including effective compliance frameworks;
  • raising awareness and engaging relevant stakeholders.
In other words, QUALICHeCK urges building professionals to "do what they declare".To this end, QUALICHeCK has done a literature review and carried out new field studies, to collect evidence on compliance issues of EPC declarations and building works in 9 countries (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Greece, Romania, Spain, Sweden) and for 4 technological areas (transmission, ventilation & airtightness, sustainable summer comfort, renewables in multi-energy systems).Additionally, QUALICHeCK analysed experience and good practices to show the benefits of existing, voluntary or regulatory, schemes. The consortium produced guidelines, giving a stepwise summary of key issues that should be addressed when setting up the foundations for a sound compliance framework.The targeted communication strategy has supported the broad dissemination of project outcomes and the constructive engagement of authorities and stakeholders.


The results of the QUALICHeCK project can be grouped as follows:
  • Showcasing and quantifying the status on the ground regarding EPC and quality of construction compliance issues through a literature review of 48 existing and 10 new field data collection studies (19 factsheets, 2 reports)
  • Identifying critical situations which challenge, as well as good practices that help in, achieving good quality of the works and compliance of EPC input data, through the analyses of over 30 practices (various reports, 36 factsheets)
  • Providing structured guidance for the development of effective compliance frameworks (2 sourcebooks)
  • Raising awareness by disseminating key outputs through various communication tools (16 webinars, 3 special contributions to REHVA journal, website, 2 booklets, material for university courses)
  • Bringing compliance and quality issues in the spotlight by engaging authority and key stakeholders in discussions, both at national (concertation activities and roadshows in 9 countries) and at EU level (exchange with BUILD UP Skills and EPBD Concerted Action, 4 Platform meetings, 4 conferences and 4 technology workshops)
QUALICHeCK’s specific interesting achievements relate to having contributed to discussions around, or having directly influenced, the development of national approaches in several countries. QUALICHeCK outcomes have also formed an inspiration for the development of national and international initiatives.

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International Network for Information on Ventilation and Energy Performance
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Peter Wouters
Peter Wouters
+32 27164211


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01/03/2014 to 28/02/2017
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