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Quality assurance in solar thermal heating and cooling technology: keeping track with recent and upcoming developments (QAIST)

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The practical approach to quality assurance in solar thermal heating & cooling technology is standardisation and testing. To allow for market growth and development, work is still needed to keep up with technological developments in the direct use of solar thermal energy and in combination with other technologies. It is essential that quality requirements and public incentives and regulations for solar thermal technologies that rely on them are integrated with and adapted to the current best practice. To open the world market for European producers, coordination with international standardisation is also required. Project activities include:
  • Active participation in the revision of EN 12975, taking into account new products
  • Standardisation work for solar thermal systems and adaptation of calculation procedures to Energy Labelling
  • Keep on with Solar Keymark activities, namely the Network and promoting the certification to new products, actors and countries
  • Strengthening the quality assurance on laboratory tests through inter laboratory comparisons
  • Identification of need for standardisation for solar thermal systems togethe


  • Clarification on durability and reliability requirements in the existing European standards for solar thermal products
  • Continued assured quality of testing laboratories
  • Harmonised approach on Function & Yield Control for large solar thermal systems
  • Reduced testing costs for solar domestic hot water systems being part of a common "system family"
  • Longer term expected results are: Speeding-up of broad market penetration of solar thermal products through the removal of trade barriers and the general acceptance of the Solar Keymark; Increasing the share of quality products in the solar thermal market; Increasing the uptake of new technologies and encourage new collector and system designs and materials.

Lessons learned

  • Good, operational and generally accepted European Standards are an essential part of the market conditions and the basis for a large and open European market. Moreover, coordination with activities in the international standardisation is required in order to open the world market for European producers.
  • Last update: 30.10.11

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European Solar Thermal Industry Federation aisbl
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Mr Pedro Dias
+32 2 546 19 38
Uwe Trenkner
0032-2-546 19 38
Uwe Brechlin
0032-2-546 19 38
Mr Pedro Dias
0032 (0)2 546 19 37


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01/06/2009 to 31/05/2012
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