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Reduction of legal-administrative barriers for PV system installations in Europe (PV LEGAL)

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The overall goal of PV LEGAL was to overcome market barriers for photovoltaics (PV) on the level of regulatory frameworks. The project particularly focuses on 12 EU countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, the Netherlands and UK. A database - - has been set-up, comparing the administrative procedures for PV installations (small-scale installations on residential buildings, small to medium-scale installations on commercial buildings, medium to large-scale ground-mounted installations on open lands) in the 12 countries describing the practical experiences of investors with regard to time, effort and costs incurred by these procedures. The partners have set up tailor-made advisory papers containing concrete policy recommendations for each country. The papers were discussed with industry stakeholders at 8 national conferences and updated with the results of these events. As a final step, the consolidated papers were in presented to relevant decision makers, authorities and grid operators.


  • Significant improvements of national and regional PV legal-administrative frameworks in each of the 12 countries.
  • A comprehensive, freely accessible and updated online database containing the 12 national PV legal-administrative frameworks and 8 regional PV legal-administrative frameworks ( The database provides stakeholders and policymakers with a systematic analysis of practical experiences with regulatory barriers that are encompassed by investors in PV systems.
  • National and regional advisory papers and recommendations (targeting the three market applications) each targeted at improving legal-administrative procedures for PV installations (
  • National forums and workshops, with the participation of all key stakeholders which are involved in legal-administrative procedures (
  • Two status reports with a summary on the content, methods and results of the project research (1st report) and impact (2nd report).

Lessons learned

  • Administrative permitting procedures are often the most severe obstacle to be tackled by a PV developer. In many countries, PV permitting procedures are not always streamlined and harmonized in the spirit of article 13 of the European RES Directive.
  • PV systems, in order to be allowed to connect to the electricity distribution or transmission grid, need to meet certain criteria defined by grid operators and electricity market regulators. Often these criteria do not take into account the characteristics of PV systems and may then represent a barrier to their penetration.
  • Connection to the grid is often the last but decisive step in the development of a PV system. While some Member States do not yet even recognise priority access to the grid of RES systems, in most countries these processes are often afflicted by severe delays that have a significant impact on the economic returns of PV systems. Last update: 25.05.2012

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German Solar Industry Association
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Edoardo Binda Zane


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01/07/2009 to 29/02/2012
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