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"Personalised Travel Planning for Cycling" (PTP-CYCLE)

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PTP-Cycle ran from April 2013 to March 2016 and comprised of six municipalities and four technical experts in the field of sustainable mobility.Personalised Travel Planning provides tailored information directly to the individual on sustainable mobility options through a one to one discussion with a PTP adviser. It seeks to overcome the habitual use of the car, enabling more journeys to be made on bike, foot, or public transport. This is achieved through the provision of information, incentives and motivations directly to individuals to support a voluntarily shift towards more sustainable choices.Using the approach of segmentation, individuals identified to have the largest potential for behaviour change were targeted in four different implementation sites in Antwerp, Burgos, Ljubljana, London (Haringey and Greenwich) and Riga:
  • Residential
  • Workplaces
  • Universities
  • Public Events
The project aim was to prove that as a mechanism for behavioural change, PTP was transferable across a number sites and audiences, to many different countries, and is a cost effective way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and urban congestion whilst improving health and economic development.


  • At the end of the project, 47.823 PTPs were delivered (nearly twice as much as the original goal), which resulted in 65,700 contacted by the project.
  • Modal Shift: Over the course of the project a 5% decrease in car use was recorded for trips from home to work. In total an 8% increase in modal share for cycling and 7% increase in walking has been recorded. As a result a CO2 reduction of 1031 tonnes after one year has been achieved.
  • Reduction of fuel consumption: After one year, a reduction of 401,000 litres of fuel consumption by cars was realised.
  • Decrease of car kilometres: After one year, a reduction of 7,931,000 car kilometres was realised.
  • Reduction in traffic noise: Traffic noise also has an external cost to society. Based on calculation tools from CE Delft (2011), the PTP-Cycle project managed to save €13,500 after one year.
  • Reduction of absenteeism: Studies from WHO (2003) showed that people who tend to actively move every day, are less sick. After one year, the PTP-Project reduced the amount of sic days per person by 2.2 days on average.
  • As part of the project, PTP experts Sustrans led a two day training workshop for partners. This included how to train local PTP advisers to assess the needs of the individual, how to give structured and tailored advice and how to use persuasive messaging to initiate change, As a result over 200 trainees were trained, over 1,000 hours of PTP training was delivered and over a 100 champions and volunteers were recruited.

Lessons learned

  • Direct communication with residents on their doorstop is not always common practice which can make household engagement more difficult. This was particularly evident in Riga, in order to overcome this problem PTP was delivered at local events. Public events proved very successful with people more open to a conversation about their mobility habits, and more receptive to new information. Other cities with difficulty accessing households can successfully replicate a personalised travel planning prorogramme with positive results by using events to deliver PTPs.
  • Linking with infrastructure alternatives maximises impact. Antwerp used the PTP-Cycle project to tackle the issue of major infrastructure works in the city that are causing disruption to commuting journeys in the city.
  • Promote sustainability in all forms: When engaging with residents, if they were very-strong minded driver it was advised to instead promote related areas if sustainability, for example smarted driving incentives and car clubs.

Partners and coordinator

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London Councils
United Kingdom
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Andrew Luck
0207 934 9646


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01/04/2013 to 01/04/2016
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