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Best Practice Implementation of Solar Thermal Obligations (PROSTO)

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The objective of this action is to boost the use of solar thermal systems in the European countries by promoting an efficient implementation of solar thermal obligations. Solar Thermal Obligations are legal provisions obligating owners of buildings to install a solar thermal system on new/renovated buildings. A growing number of municipalities, regions and countries are already making use of solar thermal obligations. The main stakeholders regarding Solar Thermal Obligations are local authorities. The Region of Lazio, the Cities of Lisbon, Murcia, Stuttgart and Giurgiu have joined in this action, in order to create show cases of best practice Solar Thermal Obligations. They aim at the development of optimized obligations, consisting of model regulations, tuned criteria, efficient administrative procedures and flanking measures. The availability of practical tools and the dissemination of the project results through the authorities' networks address new potential communities.


  • Identification of the best “recipe” to develop an efficient STO, including main errors,barriers and success factors.
  • Setting up of a STO database (in 6 languages) reporting details on already existing examples of STOs.
  • Development of a comprehensive toolbox (in 6 languages) with practical support tools to guide Local Authorities in creating and managing a STO.
  • Detailed baseline assessment in the participating Communities and implementation of a STO or a STO-like legislation in their territory, including a set of flanking measures.
  • The scientific project partners are transferring the documents and procedures elaborated for the communities into tools to be used at general level. The public availability of these tools further removes entry barriers of new communities for introducing STOs. This reduces also cost and risks.

Lessons learned

  • though STO is a relevant legislation tool, sometimes the developed tools were not as appealing as forseen for Communities, due to: 1) the shifting from “solar-only” obligation towards more general energy efficiency or renewable heat laws and not solar only; 2) construction crisis;
  • support by central governments (e.g. Regions) to small Municipalities, through the use of specific tools, can quickly multiply the impact of the STOs;
  • former experiences with STO are very helpful, but none can be considered a best practice in all its parts. What is mainly missing, so far, is a real monitoring of the STO;

Partners and coordinator

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Ambiente Italia srl
Contact point: 
Maria Berrini
0039 02277441
Riccardo Battisti
+39 06 44340129


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01/01/2008 to 31/12/2010
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