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Promotion to regional bioenergy initiatives (PROMOBIO)

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Objective of the PromoBio project is to provide support to the regional bioenergy initiatives and to facilitate new bioenergy business projects in Eastern European countries where potentials in particular of forest and agricultural biomass, have been utilised unsufficiently as renewable energy sources. Best bioenergy practices and successful business models from the partner countries Finland and Austria will be tested and transferred to the target regions: Plock county in Poland, Centru region in Romania and Banska Bystricá region in Slovakia. The aim is to provide the local stakeholders with the grounds to make informed decisions in developing the bioenergy markets of their region. North Karelia in Finland and Lower Austria are considered as benchmarks of well-developed bioenergy markets. The project will provide concrete supporting actions both to decision makers and to companies starting or developing bioenergy business. Important objective is also to increase the capacity of trainers giving professional or continuous education in bioenergy issues, in order to distribute the identified good practices and gained knowledge to a wider audience.


  • To test and transfer bioenergy best practices and successful business models from the partner countries to selected regions in Eastern Europe => fact sheets about best practice examples and business models as well as state-of-the-art reports on the target regions can be found project webpages
  • To activate the development of regional bioenergy initiatives and to create regional bioenergy action plans => first bioenergy policy workshops will be organised in spring 2012
  • To facilitate new bioenergy projects and agreements between energy suppliers and users in the target regions
  • To increase the capacity of bioenergy trainers, companies and target region stakeholders in the use of biomass for energy, and to develop a training course for regional training purposes

Lessons learned

  • It takes time to engage people into the project activities; the implementation of new bioenergy investments require building trusting relationships and good networks
  • When preparing a regional action plan for bioenergy, it is important to develop the plan in line with the national/regional strategies, action plans and legislation
  • When choosing the target region for the project, the biomass potential of the region should be carefully studied already beforehand

Partners and coordinator

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Finnish Forest Research Institute
Contact point: 
Elina Välkky
+358 10 211 5188


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01/06/2011 to 31/05/2014
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