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Promotion of Renewable Energy for Water production through Desalination (PRODES)

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ProDes brings together 14 leading European organisations to support the use of renewable energy for powering desalination in remote or isolated areas where the grid cannot accommodate high penetration of intermittent sources. The focus will be in Southern Europe where desalination is an increasingly important energy demand factor. The project will involve the industry, academia, investors and institutional actors to deal with the non-technical barriers, like:  there is no coordination of research and industrial product development on the European level  there is no formal training resulting in a lack of specialised personnel  local actors are not up-to-date with the technological developments  funding for product development and project implementation is not easily available  the general public are not aware of the benefits renewable energy desalination has to offer ProDes uses a mix of tools like training, workshops, publications and other to deal with the issue.


  • "RE Desalination Road Map" defining targets and the strategy to achieve them. A working group independent of the project will be formed that will follow up the implementation of the road map and will update it in regular intervals. This will lead to European wide coordination and therefore maximum use of the synergies within the sector.
  • A 40-hour training course for students, an e-learning course offered over the internet and an 8-hour course for professionals will be developed and implemented in each involved country. This will contribute to the development of specialised scientists, technicians and professionals that will support the market development
  • Networking events in the involved countries will connect technology developers with stakeholders in the local market that can promote the products to the end users
  • Interaction with investors and technology providers will result in guidelines for capital raisin that will allow easier access to finance for product development and concrete project implementation
  • Recommendations for the improvement of the framework conditions in each country and the concept for a subsidy scheme will be developed. An event in will promote the recommendations to the decision-makers. This will bring to the agenda the institutional barriers and possible ways to overcome them.

Lessons learned

  • The RE-desalination community recognises the need to work together for dealing with the non-technological barriers that the sector is facing.
  • The new generation of scientists and engineers has strong interest in RE-desalination and the availability of experts in the field is growing.
  • The available RE-desalination products are struggling to compete, showing the difficult nature of the market where small companies with new products do not have always the means to address small demand dispersed in very different locations. Last update: 05.11.11

Partners and coordinator

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WIP-Renewable Energies
Contact point: 
Michael Papapetrou
0049 89 720 12 792
Ingrid Weiss
0049 (0)89 720 127 41
Dipl.-Ing. Dominik Rutz M.Sc.
+49-89-720127 39
Dr. Christian Epp
0049-89-720 12 792
Mr Michael Papapetrou
+49 89 720 12 712


In brief

01/10/2008 to 30/09/2010
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