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Integrated promotion of the biofuel chain (PROBIO)

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As Europe is in need of greener transport fuel, the project has encouraged the integration of production and consumption in the biodiesel supply chain in the five participant areas provinces of Burgos , Ávila and Huelva ( Spain ) and regions of Pomurje ( Slovenia ) and Abruzzo ( Italy ). This has been achieved by means of a three-pronged strategy, based on the development of concrete new market initiatives, promotion activities and training actions. The main barriers found on our project are: - The lack of knowledge and information among farmers, which means a lack of raw material supply for biodiesel plants - The lack of awareness of the general public and local authorities about the benefits of biodiesel use in transport. To overcome these barriers, the project has analysed the potential in the regions, formulated local and regional strategies, established solid local partnerships, trained farmers, facilitated commercial agreements between local actors and helped introducing innovative market initiatives such as biodiesel points cards systems and local tax incentives for drivers choosing biodiesel. An exhibition was also organised to disseminate knowledge about biodiesel.


  • 5 % increase in biodiesel consumption
  • 1.315 users of the biodiesel points card
  • 13 new gas stations selling biodiesel
  • 261 farmers trained
  • 152.748 visitors to the exhibition

Lessons learned

  • The public image of biodiesel needs to be improved in order to create a greater certainty on the market.
  • In all the participating regions, media are very interested in the renewable fuels due to the increasing awareness of general public in a sustainable economy and environmental issues. In PROBIO project, partners took advance of this fact, giving press conferences about all relevant actions of the project.

Partners and coordinator

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Asociación Agencia Provincial para el Control de la Energía de Burgos
Contact point: 
Ricardo Pizarro Villanueva
0034 947 040629
Ricardo Pizarro
0034 947 04 06 28 / 0034 947 04 06 29


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01/01/2007 to 30/06/2009
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