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Overcoming Non-Technological Barriers for full-scale use of Biodiesel in Europe (PRO-BIODIESEL)

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Biodiesel must become a commercial and competitive product using the broadest range possible of raw materials from both north and south Europe. Pro-Biodiesel aims to overcome barriers to this transformation and successfully put on the market 35 000 tonnes a year of biodiesel, from at least eight different raw materials. It will involve assessing barriers in the logistics and distribution industries and proposing improvements to EU regulations and standards. Barriers preventing the large scale roll-out of biodiesel use in vehicles must be understood and removed.


  • Comparative study on the best raw materials for mass production of biodiesel, including additives for improved fuel characteristics.
  • Contribution made towards modification of EU biodiesel standard.
  • Study on biodiesel storage and distribution issues.
  • Assessment studies of biodiesel social acceptability in Germany, France and Spain completed with a view to improving sales.

Lessons learned

  • The biofuels situation has rapidly and enormously changed in Europe during the period 2003-2007, influencing the Pro-Biodiesel project. A large amount of new production plants have been constructed, and important commercial issues (raw materials, competing non-EU biodiesel) have recently appeared. During the period, biodiesel market has moved from pure biodiesel towards its use as a mixture at low blends with fossil fuels, which now only concerns the petrol distributors.
  • Adequate and honest information must be provided to the consumers. People do not want to be overwhelmed by information, e.g. long and detailed information brochures but they need to know the advantages and disadvantages of the use of biodiesel and the impact that these change will have in the economy and agriculture. A public accountability of using seed oil crops that used to being cultivated for human consumption for biodiesel production must be developed.
  • Standardisation of biodiesel is an essential requirement for its marketing and commercialising. The different standards for biodiesel might be a potential handicap to the free circulation o biofuels among the world market. Specifications are necessary for authorities to have constant evaluating criteria to maintain the homogenous quality of biodiesel produced. Last updated: 24.06.2010

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ACCIONA Energía S.A.
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Alfonso Ezquerro
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01/01/2006 to 31/12/2007
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