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Supporting the market for energy efficient central IT (PRIMEENERGYIT)

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The dynamical development of IT performance and the increasing use of IT services leads to a steadily growing energy consumption of central IT equipment in data centres and more generally in companies of the service and industry sector. Efficient technology is however already available and therefore has to be promoted with adequate measures addressing the relevant target groups. The PrimeEnergyIT project (10 partners in seven countries, coordinated by the Austrian Energy Agency) has supported the market development and demand for central IT equipment focussing on server, data storage, network equipment and cooling equipment. The project's central measures have included the support of development of energy efficiency criteria, the development and dissemination of technology and procurement guidelines, the implementation of green public procurement, the dissemination of best practice and the training of IT managers and consultants.


  • The development of energy efficiency criteria and metrics for central IT hardware and data centers is supported at international level by contributions to the relevant initiatives and programs currently dealing with criteria development (Energy Star, The Green Grid, etc.). PrimeEnergyIT has contributed to these activities with the goal of optimizing criteria and tools which are essential for procurement and implementation of energy efficient central IT technology.
  • Guidelines on energy efficient equipment technology for servers, data storage, network equipment and cooling have been developed and are provided as a digital and printed brochure in 7 language versions. The brochure is available for download on the website. Best practice cases have been collected and are published in a digital brochure.
  • Education seminars for 500 IT and infrastructure managers and consultants have been held. A modular education concept (300 slides) including all relevant technologies has been developed and provided together with education partners.
  • Guidelines for procurement of energy efficient central IT equipment have been developed and disseminated. The guidelines shall be used by public services in the different countries represented in the project.
  • Certification concepts for energy efficient data centres have been evaluated.

Lessons learned

  • Central IT technology including servers, data storage, network equipment and infrastructure offers a wide area for significant energy savings. Experts in large data centres are already strongly interested in concepts that allow a reduction of energy consumption and energy costs. Experts in smaller IT environments still need to be convinced more strongly to consider efficiency approaches. To date the focus of measures has been more strongly on measures for infrastructure and cooling.
  • The education concept and measures provided by PrimeEnergyIT found quite good acceptance. The holistic concept of PrimeEnergyIT allowed covering the whole range of efficiency aspects in data centres and server rooms from monitoring and metrics to IT hardware and infrastructure. This approach provides experts and consultants with a good overview on efficiency strategies for different levels in the system. Consequently the education also received quite good feedback and will be continued.
  • The procurement guidelines and criteria developed in the project to date are unique in the EU. Therefore the guidelines have received considerable attention and have good potential for application. Essential powerful co-operations for education have been developed. The guidelines will be revised in agreement with new research and market developments in 2013.

Partners and coordinator

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Österreichische Energieagentur
Contact point: 
Mr Reinhard Jellinek
Bernd Schaeppi
0043 1 586 15 24
Dr Bernd Schäppi
+43 1 586 15 24
G?nter R. Simader
Bernd Schäppi
+43 1 586 15 24-147
Marton Varga
0043 1 586 15 24 - 72


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01/05/2010 to 30/10/2012
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