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The PRACTISE project helped implementing EU energy policies in local communities and enabled them to address energy efficiency and renewable energy with greater success, mainly by involving a wide range of important groups and actors in the analyses, networking and training. The project involved 5 organisations from 5 European countries committed to the cause of sustainable energy. The project started with market analyses and territorial studies to define the state of play; and developed an area-based sustainable energy strategy and action plan for each partner. Regular consultation, training and networking of local actors supported a process of continuous improvement. Lighthouse actions and targeted communication ensured co-operation between actors and increased awareness of the local population.


  • improved the knowledge and the transferability of initiatives concerning the creation and implementation of a Sustainable Energy Community;
  • exchanged best practices in sustainable energy between the different partners of the Community;
  • In the four Project communities we developed 58 projects following the strategies of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan. In Alessandria we realised 18 intervention projects, 16 in La Coruna, 10 in Ploiesti.
  • Lower energy bills for households and greater use of new intelligent energy technologies.
  • created a productive network of experts of the Community in all fields of Sustainable Energy;

Lessons learned

  • One limit of the technical results comes from the fact that obtaining reliable data on buildings’ characteristics and their energy consumption ratios has been difficult. Each community faced this issue because this kind of data belongs to energy supplier companies (private or not), or is not reliable in terms of metering units and over time.
  • The opportunity to conduct surveys, to learn about their local energy situation, to investigate the potential of success of different projects has led to collect a critical mass of knowledge. Corrective actions will then be much more efficient than if only superficial studies had been carried out, and this is fully appreciated by the consortium.
  • Each community has successfully introduced RUE and RES concerns within their territory problematic and thus have exceeded the identified limit to energy sustainability: the lack of information and involvement. The campaigns, trainings and dissemination actions have clearly been fruitful to local communities: they really are Sustainable Energy Communities, now that non-technological barriers have been faced and removed.

Partners and coordinator

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Comune di Alessandria
Contact point: 
Marco Italo Neri
0039 0131.515461


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01/01/2007 to 31/12/2009
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