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The big green housing and energy exchange (POWER HOUSE EUROPE)

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POWER HOUSE EUROPE functions as a catalyst to trigger action. It aims to achieve the maximum potential energy saving in the residential sector by mainstreaming existing know-how required to refurbish and build housing with optimal energy consumption levels. The actual needs of social housing organisations regarding energy efficiency and renewable energy have been identified and analysed, based on a survey of 300+ of them carried out in 2009. Interest in the project is growing at national, European and International levels due to the strategic importance of housing in all climate change strategies. Platforms have been established in all countries as planned and are a welcome forum for exchange for all actors involved.


  • The organization of permanent National Power House Platforms to implement local communication campaigns to maximize take-up of IEE project results and actively promote a broader up-take of best practice. National platforms will also serve as a forum for dialogue and exchange between actors from private and public spheres to bring about the energy transition in the residential sector.
  • Workshops conferences and study visits to facilitate multi-level knowledge sharing and transfer to help bring a maximum number of Social Housing organisations to an optimal level of advancement in the field of energy efficiency and the use of renewables.
  • An on-line one-stop-shop knowledge base and exchange forum at European and national levels containing all the information practitioners need to deploy the outputs of IEE projects and allowing building professionals from Social Housing organisations from all over Europe to access information on best practices on all aspects of energy management.

Lessons learned

  • Financing issues remain the top interest for the social housing companies. Organisational & Managerial staff are most likely to be involved in energy projects. The tenants' energy use and other technical aspects are also very high on the agenda.
  • Info on good examples and new technologies and twinning with other social housing organisations are also prioritized. There is a need for neutral, trustworthy and targeted information with precise details on cost, maintenance and energy saving potential.
  • Federations have a key role to play not only in providing information on financial opportunities and technical issues but also in raising levels of ambition and potentially coordinating increased collaboration with local authorities and other actors key to the success of the energy transition.

Partners and coordinator

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The European Liaison Commitee for Social Housing
Contact point: 
Ms. Sorcha Edwards
+ 32 2 541 05 61


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01/10/2008 to 30/09/2011
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