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Promote, Organize, Support, Imagine the energy Transition in Ile-de-France territory (POSIT IF)

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Both the ambition and the rate of ongoing energy renovation operations in housing inadequate to achieve the goal of 38% reduction in energy consumption by 2020 set by Région Ile de France. Since direct public funding of projects will not meet the required level of energy efficiency, it is now necessary to consider additional financial instruments. Ile-de-France Region has launched a public-private venture in order to develop an Energy Service Company (ESCO) offer focusing on low-energy refurbishments for collective housing and public buildings. The venture is set-up as a Semi-Public Company, called ENERGIES POSIT’IF, with 85% of capital held by the Regional Council and Local authorities and 15% of capital held by Private partner. The project will focus on an extended offer to condominiums, encompassing advising activity towards individual co-owners prior to work programme and follow-up of energy consumption after the refurbishment is completed.


  • Energy Efficiency Contracts signed with Condominiums
  • Professionals trained on EPC contract management among social housing companies and local governments / municipalities
  • Advisory mandates performed for social housing companies and local governments / municipalities

Lessons learned

Despite the great interest for Energies POSIT’IF offer towards condominiums, legal issues have diverted time and resources away from outreach work and finalising contracts with condominiums. Those legal issues were underestimated when Energies POSIT’IF project was designed.The market for comprehensive thermal retrofitting of condominiums is complex and contract development entails high transaction costs. Indeed, the experiences so far show that a full contract development cycle for comprehensive thermal retrofitting is a long term process that requires at least 18 months. That is a major barrier to delivering retroffiting soltuons in this particular market and it explains why private involvement in this market remains low.  

Partners and coordinator

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Contact point: 
Mr. Jean-Claude GAILLOT
+33 – 1 - 53 85 56 80


In brief

05/04/2013 to 04/04/2016
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