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Dissemination, Education and Standardisation of Phyllis Database for Biofuels and Bioashes (PHYDADES)

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PHYDADES is providing a new database of biomass fuels, based on the existing PHYLLIS database, only composed of reliable data. PHYDADES also provides workshops and on-the-job training in the use of standardised analysis methods. Reliable, public information and the use of internationally accepted standard methods are essential for a rapid growth in the use and trade of biomass fuels. Besides biomass fuel analyses done according to standardised methods, the new database will contain ash analyses and calculation tools. Partners of the PHYDADES consortium will contribute their (public) data and they will request industry to submit their data as well. The database will be publicly accessible and free of charge. Education in the use of standards is done by means of a) workshops and b) on-the-job-training. The workshops (in English and local languages) are aimed at countries where the use of standards is not yet common practice. On-the-job-training is offered to people working in laboratories of the New Member States and Southern Europe. A website with access to the new database and other relevant information will be an important tool in the educational part of PHYDADES.


  • New database with biomass fuel and ash compositions, all measured according to standardised methods
  • Workshops with teaching materials for education in the use of standardised analysis methods
  • People trained in the use of standardised methods
  • Widespread use of standardised analyses in biomass fuel trade
  • Reliable information on biomass fuels for buyers, sellers, equipment manufacturers, teachers, legislators, etc.

Lessons learned

  • The use of standards for biomass fuels stimulates in particular the trade between countries. Standardized methods help not only with quality control, but also with process control.
  • For successful workshops - held earlier due to high demand – it was of particular importance to include in the programme local businesses explaining the benefits of using standardized fuel qualities and standardized analyses have been very useful in spreading the message. The use of local languages, local hosts and local networks was essential for the success of the workshops.
  • For dissemination, e.g. finding participants for the workshops and candidates for the on-job training it was vital to use the professional networks of the people involved in the PHYDADES Action. Last updated: 16.06.2010

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Energie onderzoek Centrum Nederland
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Henk Kaan
Jan Pels


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01/01/2007 to 31/12/2009
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