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Pattern of Energy Efficiency in the Schools (P.E.E.S.)

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P.E.E.S. is an educational project which aims at energy awareness of students attending the secondary schools with a strong attention on the involvement of the teachers. In order to obtain significant changes in the behaviours of energy-system users and to encourage a sustainable use of the energy the simple dissemination of the knowledge is not sufficient; it is necessary to actuate a change of approach defining and using proactive methods of involvement. The main targets of the P.E.E.S. are students (15-18 years old) and their teachers. Particularly the project is oriented to realize a common auditing pattern of energy consumption within schools buildings involving directly representative workgroups of students and teachers who will co-operate with the technicians of six European Energy Agencies. One the relevant goals of the process will be the set-up of a permanent Energy School Management in each pilot-school involved.


  • Contribution to the forming of a “energy consciousness” in the students involved in the educational programmes of the project, giving instruments, competences and skills of analysis and evaluation.
  • Energy School Management in the pilot-schools.
  • Promotion of the cooperation and of the cultural exchange among students and teachers of the six Countries including the practice of the foreign languages, and encouraging the exchange of different experiences.

Lessons learned

  • Students and citizens seem to create a general enthusiasm by being invited to take a part in the project activities
  • Particularly, the feed-back by the students from the pilot-schools was really enthusiastic and their participation in the educational activities was great.
  • A pro-active approach, involving the teachers too, seems to remove the traditional barriers to the relationship with young students and with these specific matters.

Partners and coordinator

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Agenzia Locale per l'Energia e lo Sviluppo Ambientale della Provincia di Chieti
Contact point: 
Antonio Di Nunzio
0039 0871 41421
Antonio Di Nunzio
+39 0871 41421


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15/10/2007 to 14/10/2009
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