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Monitoring of energy demand trends and energy efficiency in the EU (ODYSSEE MURE (EU-27))

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The project aimed at monitoring energy efficiency progress (and CO2 emissions reduction) for the EU-27, plus Norway and Croatia, and more generally to gain better understanding of energy demand trends. It has also compared countries on their relative energy efficiency performance and benchmark values. It was als aimed at evaluating the impact of national and European energy efficiency policy measures. This project contributed to the development of a monitoring methodology based on top-down assessment of energy savings. It relied on two complementary tools: ODYSSEE, a database on energy efficiency / CO2 indicators and MURE, an online database on energy efficiency policy measures (


  • Assessment and analysis of energy efficiency improvements and (energy related) CO2 abatement by sector for each Member State, Norway and Croatia over the last 10 years through updated and harmonised indicators.
  • Provision of benchmark values to compare the relative energy efficiency performance of EU Member States through adjusted and comparable indicators, with the supporting analysis to understand the differences observed, as well as comparing the EU with other OECD countries.
  • Assessment and analysis of policy measures for the promotion of energy end-use efficiency, renewable energies in EU Member States, as well as of their impact.
  • Report by sectors on energy efficiency trends and policies (industry, buildings and transport).
  • Estimates of energy savings to monitor the Energy Services Directive from a top-down perspective

Lessons learned

  • Data on end-use are still not systematically available in EU member countries. Although, the project increased data coverage of the ODYSSEE indicators, additional effort is still needed, especially in the service sector. Looking at the quality of data and indicators is important when comparing the indicators across countries and increased the trust in the results of the analysis performed with the indicators.
  • Additional non EU OECD countries have been added in the database as a concrete result of the collaboration between IEA and the ODYSSEE-MURE project, which enables to enlarge the comparison to all OECD countries. The development of new indicators of competitiveness and ICT has provided additional inputs to the analysis performed.
  • The reinforcement of the policy descriptions in the MURE database and the addition of new features enable various types of comparison of measures implemented in member countries and to pinpoint the most innovative measures and their impact.

Partners and coordinator

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Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'Energie
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0033 0 4 93 95 79 96
Didier Bosseboeuf
0033 1 47652355
Jacques-Olivier Budin
0033 2 41 91 41 65
Therese Kreitz
Edgar Blaustein
0033 14765 2450


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18/09/2007 to 17/09/2009
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