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Promotion of the Passive House Concept to the North European Building Market (NORTHPASS)

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In cold climates it is very difficult to reach the Passive House energy demand defined for Central European countries, 15 kWh/m²/a without substantially increasing the construction costs. The objectives of NorthPass are: 1) North European Passive House criteria and concept to raise awareness in the North European countries 2) Finding solutions to remove market barriers for wide market acceptance of Passive House products 3) Removing the gap between the demonstration of Passive House concept and broad market penetration of the Passive House concept. The project results in accelerated awareness raising on potential challenges with the market acceptance of North European Passive House, accelerated identification of suitable solutions in order to improve Passive House concepts in the North European housing market and accelerated supporting impact on the implementation of the EU Commissions energy efficiency strategy plan development and on the upcoming update of the Energy Performance of Buildings directive. The scope of the project is in new residential buildings.


  • Definition of very low-energy house criteria and concepts adapted to the North European countries
  • Solutions to overcome market barriers for wide market acceptance of the newly developed very low-energy house concepts
  • Heightened awareness and removal of the gap between the demonstration of very low-energy house concept and their broad market deployment
  • Support to strategic planning for an accelerated implementation of the Action Plan for Energy Efficiency

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26/05/2009 to 25/05/2012
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