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New Integrated Renovation Strategy to improve Energy PErformance of Social housing (NIRSEPES)

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This project set itself the goal of increasing thermal efficiency by at least 30% by developing an integrated strategy for energy renovation in social housing across the EU. It analysed existing typical buildings in Spain, Greece and Germany, with a view to comparing technological solutions for retrofitting and its cost-effectiveness. Local forums, tailor-made financing schemes, awareness-raising campaigns, education, training, and retrofitting plans were all part of the integrated approach.


  • Tool developed for calculating capital value and annuity of invest in energy-efficient retrofitting in social housing.
  • Overview developed of existing financial incentives with a view to promoting best energetic renovation for all types of housing.
  • Recommendations for successful energy retrofitting from technical, social and economic points of view, targeting both policy-makers and individuals.
  • Nationally tailored training campaigns for owners, property managers, occupants and social housing organisations have taken place in Spain, Greece and Germany
  • Six pilot retrofitting plans developed as best practice examples.

Lessons learned

  • Diversity of situations of Social Housing in Europe in general and among the participant regions (Navarra SP, Nord Rhein Westphalia GE, Athens GR and Sardegna IT) makes very difficult to find common solutions, but a flexible integrated and particpative strategy is expected to bring quite promising results
  • Extensive involvement of all stakeholders in local/regional forums from the very beginning of the process is key factor in the success of the whole process

Partners and coordinator

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GOVERNMENT OF NAVARRA, DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING - Departamento de Vivienda, Gobierno de Navarra
Contact point: 
Luis Antonino Ayesa Ajona
00 34 848 42 7200


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01/01/2006 to 31/12/2007
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