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Novel and Integrated Model of Sustainable Energy Communities (NIMSEC)

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NIMSEC strived to resolve a series of locally identified problems related to energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy in more than 20 local communities in four European regions: Pomurje (SI), Cádiz (ES), Cakovec (HR) and Karlovo (BG). Project activities covered various strategically important sectors in an holistic approach. Based on an analysis of the local framework conditions and on data collected in energy audits, concrete pilot actions were implemented and training courses targeted at university students and technicians on energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy were organised.


  • Fully formulated integrated plans and strategies for four Sustainable energy communities
  • Pilot projects of Smart Energy Efficiency House/Corners in form of permanent exhibitions
  • Soft commercial loans and voluntary commercial agreements
  • Fully designed basic and advanced courses on energy efficiency and renewable energies for university students and technicians

Lessons learned

  • Importance to involve a wide range of actors.
  • Transferability of the project outcomes has been secured and can thus be re-used in other contexts.

Partners and coordinator

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Local Energy Agency Pomurje, Martjanci
Contact point: 
Bojan Vogrinčič
+ 386 2538 13 54


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01/01/2008 to 31/08/2010
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