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Newcastle Investment in Housing Retrofit (NEWINRETRO)

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Newcastle City Council (NCC) is a signatory of the Covenant of Mayors since January 2008. Following the City Climate Change strategy and the Sustainable Energy Action plan (SEAP) both approved in October 2010, the Council is actively involved in developing and implementing actions to meet the SEAP targets. Technical assistance is provided for the delivery of a large scale, city wide, cross tenure housing retro fit programme of energy efficiency and renewable measures. The investment and financing model is based on 10,000 to 15,000 homes to be retrofitted and will start with a first phase on targeting 5,000 homes over the 3-year project period. The investment scheme is based on the UK Green Deal and the project will set up a delivery body to carry out the retroffiting programme. NCC is leading on this development work as a "pathfinder" for all the Local Authorities in the North East of England Region.


  • It is estimated that the overall size of the investment mobilised by NCC will be around €90 million for 15,000 homes and around €30 million for the 5,000 homes targeted in the first phase of the financing scheme which will also result in 8,900 tCO2eq/a within the project life-time.
  • The financial model and lessons learnt from this project will be interesting for other local authorities that aim to set up housing retrofit schemes.
  • The scheme’s purpose is to improve the energy efficiency of domestic properties and publicly owned non-domestic properties across the North East of England in order to increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions and help mitigate fuel poverty.

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Newcastle City Council
United Kingdom
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Guy Currey


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19/07/2012 to 18/07/2015
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