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New energy for old buildings - Promoting the integration of RES & RUE measures in historic buildings (NEW4OLD)

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New4Old aims to promote the integration of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies into historic buildings, and to create a European-wide network of Renewable Energy Houses in the different Member States of the European Union. New4Old aims to create a network of similar houses within the EU Member States with the objective to create a focal point for renewable energy and energy efficiency measures in these countries and thereby to contribute to overcoming the lack of information about these technologies which is still one of the prevailing obstacles to their integration into buildings. The focus of this project will be: - to facilitate the integration of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies into historic buildings and - to contribute at the same time to the protection of historic buildings. This approach was chosen because there is a large building stock of historic buildings in Europe under threat of demolition. Secondly, they waste large amounts of energy. By retrofitting these buildings according to the proposed approach, the energy demand will be reduced and fossil fuels replaced.


  • Creation of a network of light-house Renewable Energy Houses
  • Capacity building among architects & planners through guidelines and training activities in the field of building integration of renewable energy & energy efficiency into historic buildings
  • Initiation of at least five Renewable Energy Houses in different EU Member States as showcases for the latest renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies
  • Market Study of Renewable Energy House projects for EU-27
  • Marketing and communication campaign on building integration of RES & RUE measures

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European Renewable Energy Council
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Ms Lucie Tesniere
+32-2-400 10 70
Kim Vanguers
0032 25461933


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01/09/2007 to 31/08/2010
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