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NEw Concept of local sustainable development in pilot communities (NEC)

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NEC project wants to create Sustainable Energy Communities in Foligno (IT), Brasov (RO) and Rousse (BG) using pilot actions to spread a new sensibility towards the culture SEC sinking through: energy certification of the buildings; rational and efficient use of the electric energy; educational lessons in the primary schools; urban mobility: to stimulate the use of the public transport and the use of bio-combustible or methane gas. The project foresees the attainment of its mission through the following initiatives: studies and analysis, demonstrative actions, promoting campaigns and workshops, awareness of citizens, international conference, informative and training courses. One of the points of strength of the project NEC consists in his flexibility and adaptability to the specific demands of the single countries, allowing so a reply and export of the benefits envoys in light from the project also in other Countries currently involved not.


  • Dissemination and introduction of the SEC concept for citizens in the pilot area and to the local authorities. The citizen and authorities of the local communities are more aware of saving energy tools. Moreover they were very doubtful when we went in their houses for the boiler inspection or energy certification. It has been necessary a long explanation about the project and its aims and about the importance of boiler inspection and the definition of energy certification.
  • Energy Certification and Boiler Inspection: development of a common tool for energy certification adapted in the 3 communities. After that the Energy certifications of buildings and boiler inspection has been carried out in the area involved. This phase hasn?t only an educational aim because we have provided to the owner a concrete result as the analysis of their plants, as the energetic analysis of their houses and the final label.
  • Demonstrative Action about RES and RUE: in every participating country trough a workshop with round table and stands have been disseminated concepts of RES and RUE at home. The target group of people involved (citizens, companies, authorities, experts) were invited to provide their experience and competencies in this important moment of meeting and comparison to discuss about laws, potential of exploitation and the possibilities for the communities (cost and benefits)
  • Mobility: after citizens' questionnaire about the state of the public transport 3 new transport plans in Foligno, Brasov and Rousse have been analysed involving the local transport companies. Moreover a In every participating country a "Clean Transport Day" has been organized in order to present demonstrative action about the using of public transport means and biofuel.
  • Education: Educational activities with pupils and teachers of primary schools have been organized. Educational activities have been divided in lesson, video, game, participation and direct involving in NEC events (workshop and Clean Transport Day)

Lessons learned

  • The main lesson learnt was that direct communication (trough specific activities: energy certification, training course and outdoor activities for pupils) has a bigger impact than leaflets, brochures or other means of dissemination, even if the target group is limited to a specific pilot zone.
  • Energy Certification and Boiler Inspection: even if the boiler is a tool that the citizens uses always many of them don't know of the importance and times of boiler inspection. Citizens don't know what Energy Certification is and laws about this argument. In the beginning citizens that had their household/building analyzed were reluctant, but by the end of the project they became very proactive and are still exhibiting their energy certificate on the building.
  • Demonstrative Action: organization of moment of comparison among the actors of the energy sectors, citizens and authorities is very useful to clarify many issues about this argument. Moreover the presence of stand where citizen can see more efficient system has an important educative aim.

Partners and coordinator

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Agenzia per l'Energia e l'Ambiente della Provincia di Perugia
Contact point: 
Sara Massoli
0039 075 5170824
Francesca Pignattini
+39/075 517 0824


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01/01/2006 to 31/12/2007
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