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Multiplying Sustainable Energy Communities - A Blueprint for Action (MUSEC)

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MUSEC aimed to create a European community-led initiative that develops and implements Sustainable Energy Communities consisting in the integration of best practices of local energy policies, financing mechanisms and awareness raising and dissemination programmes. This can be fostered by influencing the decision making process at a local level and promoting structural cooperation between local actors (policy makers, market actors and citizens) in order to have better and more adequate initiatives that support energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and systems. Therefore, the MUSEC project developed and implemented a Sustainable Energy Community strategy for the partner communities of the MUSEC project. The examples from the development of such strategy created the basis to develop a 'Sustainable Energy Community Blueprint' for other European communities that want to become a Sustainable Energy Community as well.


  • Development of a Sustainable Energy Action Plan in the 7 communities involved in the project
  • A brochure presenting the seven SEC processes realised by the partner communities, translated in all partner languages and published in English and Italian
  • A booklet presenting 25 good practices on delivering sustainable energy and climate targets, translated in all partner languages.
  • Blueprint for a Sustainable Energy Community, translated in all partner languages and printed in all language versions.
  • Dissemination the Sustainable Energy Community Strategy Blueprint by means of a free and easy accessible project website and a dissemination strategy

Lessons learned

  • The medium size SEC experience certain difficulties in practice in going beyond single projects, towards the execution of a whole coordinated long term SEC strategy. Such problems could be expected and are part of the learning process of a project. The communities have discussed and analysed their problems and how these have been handled, and translated them into the Blueprint, which is now a guideline for other communities to plan and execute their SEC strategy more effectively.
  • There is a lack of acknowledged harmonized procedures for energy accounting and tracking on community level, as well as available professional tools for energy accounting and monitoring, which makes the baseline assessment rather costly for smaller cities. The production of the baseline requires a subsequent identification of the means to keep recorded the evolution in the future of the energy balance, monitoring results at least every two years.
  • The SEC strategy development is a participative process which should consider the involvement of the relevant stakeholders and key actors at local level. This participative process, necessary to involve the citizens in the development of the strategies, can be particularly helpful if it indicates not only actions but also main directions, suitable to be transformed in policies and projects by the technicians, who have to consider also the available resources.

Partners and coordinator

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Associazione Coordinamento Agende 21 Locali Italiane
Contact point: 
Eriuccio Nora
0039 059 209434


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01/12/2006 to 31/05/2009
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