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International Cluster for Mobility Management Development and Research Dissemination (MOVE)

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MOVE brought together 7 energy agencies that start to get involved in transport issues. Within the project, they built up more competences and skills related to energy issues in transport and applied them to local project. They actively exploited existing material and adapted it for their local requirements; local applications as well as evaluation activities followed a similar structure. Virtual mobility agencies were created, local projects developed (e.g. mobility management for 8 companies; awareness raising in high schools; walking buses organised for 18 schools; mobility management for business park) and indicators for evaluation selected using the MOST-MET methodology (monitoring and evaluation toolkit elaborated in FP 5 research project and further developed by Swedish government to SUMO). Local steering committees with a good selection of representatives were set up to support the local activities.


  • A Mobility Management Network Cluster in form of an Internet site for dissemination of Best practices and information exchange between the project partners
  • Indicators based on SUMO/MOST-MET monitoring and evaluation toolkit. Most of the people that have participated in the local projects have appreciated the new transport mode and 8, 4% o those who received the offer still use it after six months.
  • Mobility Agencies or similar platforms that will act as information and promotion centres and carry out projects addressing to local authorities, companies and other stakeholders
  • Good examples and Best practices to give inspiration and guidelines for further work within Mobility Management in the participating regions

Lessons learned

  • A good evaluation method offers improved project planning and helps in setting relevant goals.
  • Evaluation gives opportunity to: Compare with targets Compare with others Learn from results
  • Make sure that you have the commitment of local key actors before the project starts

Partners and coordinator

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Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden
Contact point: 
Lena Eckerberg
Hannele Johansson
0046 470 72 33 25
Mr. Jonas Lööf
+46 706 550 771


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01/01/2006 to 31/12/2008
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