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RES and RUE Stimulation in Mountainous - Agricultural communities towards sustainable development (MOUNTAIN-RES/RUE)

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The main objective of the project was to stimulate renewable energy sources and the rational use of energy in four local agricultural communities located in mountainous regions. The needs and prospects of these communities were analysed and ideas for the launch of new technologies and land use planning identified. Viable and socially matured RES and RUE project opportunities and a guide for self-sufficient energy communities were prepared during the project's lifetime.


  • Economical-Employment: Enhance region's development though the provision of new business opportunities (e.g. exploitation of the agricultural resources) to local market, thus enforcing the local income
  • Environmental: Promote energy to meet expanding energy demand under the umbrella of the Kyoto Protocol’s requirements and supplied in such a way that respects the beauty of the local environment
  • Social: Improve the life quality through the delivery of modern social services and enhance the local population energy culture through diffusing the concept of the "energy citizenship" and raising awareness about RES and RUE
  • Technological: Promote the best practice solutions for RES and RUE, providing thus the local designers, manufacturers and industries with the appropriate know-how to be actively involved in the RES and RUE market.

Lessons learned

  • The development of a sound monitoring system, as well as an internal communication system, are considered necessary for the smooth implementation of a project.
  • There is slight reluctance from the project developers to share detailed information regarding the project’s characteristics. However, the local agricultural and mountainous communities seem to have strong potential for RES& RUE actions.
  • Tailor made dissemination activities have higher impacts.

Partners and coordinator

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National Technical University of Athens
Contact point: 
Frangiskos Topalis
0030 210 7723627
John Psarras
+30 210 7723551
Prof. John Psarras
+30 210 772 3551


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01/12/2007 to 30/11/2009
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