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Mobility Management for Business and Industrial Zones (MOMA.BIZ)

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MoMa.BIZ implemented an innovative mobility management methodology at six Business and Industrial Zones (BIZ) located in small/medium cities of five European countries (Bulgaria, Italy, Estonia, Spain & UK). The long-term objective is to replicate the methodology throughout the EU, contribute to energy efficiency in transport and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. European BIZs face similar mobility issues as there are usually few alternatives to private car for home-work mobility (80% car use). This is mainly due to two factors: the remote location of BIZs offering poor public transport services and the demand of employees for flexibility in their transport options. The approach employed in MoMa.BIZ centered around the activation of Local Mobility Groups coordinated by area mobility managers; a participatory planning of the actions locally; home-work mobility surveys; training on mobility management for decision makers. The project engaged businesses on five business and industrial zones in BG, ES, SP and IT, which represent some 1400 businesses with around 17,000 employees.


  • Develop a mobility labelling system for Business and Industrial Zones.
  • Develop a "boxed solutions" guide for sustainable mobility in Business and Industrial Zones.
  • Establish Local Mobility Groups in participating BIZs and develop and implement action plans.

Lessons learned

  • The possibility of creating a Local Mobility Plan and implementing depends very much on the existence of a governance structure in the BIZ. Without a clear structure in place it is very difficult to engage businesses and change the mobility situation of the estate.
  • Mobility and Efficiency of Transport is not a priority for most business managers and decision makers. The improve the prospect of success a mobility plan has to widen its scope from mobility to "services" in general, thus including security, green area management, internet provision, waste collections, etc.
  • Political support from the local authorities is a major factor of success. It is an excellent practice to bring together the various stakeholders i.e. companies, employees, politicians,local authority technicians, cyclist associations, public transport operators etc., in order to discuss common problems. It is important for representatives of different interest groups to be able to discuss common problems and understand each other’s viewpoints.

Partners and coordinator

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Provincia di Asti
Contact point: 
Ms Valentina Cerigo
+39 0141 433 315


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01/05/2010 to 28/02/2013
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