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More biking in small and medium sized towns of Central and Eastern Europe by 2020 (MOBILE2020)

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Frontrunner cities in Europe have a modal share of ~20% cyclists. Most cities in the CEE however are far below 20%. The goal of MOBILE2020 is to enable stakeholders in small and medium cities in these countries to increase their share of biking as a mode of everyday transport. Good practice examples and guidelines exist but it is crucial to translate and adjust them to national circumstances and promote them proactively to have a broad reach. It is crucial to inform cities systematically and to overcome the singular "light house approach" in order to support the EU2020-targets. Creating national working groups on cycling in the target countries will foster a long-term development of cycling and will contribute to keep expertise and exchange on a high level. MOBILE2020 will empower municipal planners and decision makers to make the right investments, improve their planning procedures and to trigger a change in mobility behaviour. This shall be done by capacity building (seminars, training, study visits) in all 11 CEE countries. By enhancing the capacity of 11 multiplier organizations, and disseminating good practice nationwide, MOBILE2020 will reach more than 350 cities.


  • Mobile2020 will identify stakeholders in each of the 11 target countries that can contribute to promote and develop cycling, e.g. union of cities, cycling associations, ministries etc. Representatives of these groups shall be brought together in form of working groups. The tasks of these national working groups shall be to promote cycling nation-wide inside the administration but also among citizens, to lobby for bike-friendly policies, to ensure exchange of experience, or to provide expertise.
  • Mobile2020 will prepare and empower professional multipliers for bicycle planning and promotion in municipalities by enhancing their knowledge and skills and through a series of events and exchange of experience. In total, approximately 20 multipliers will be trained and capacity development materials will be developed. They will later organize events for cities and towns as well as promotion activities in their countries.
  • Mobile2020 aims to transform the approach to cycling from the "road less travelled" into a more frequently addressed solution, especially at local level in the 11 target country. In a series of seminars, addressing 350 towns, the project does not only target promotion but wants to educate and give concrete tools to the decision-makers to audit and benchmark the current situation and to best apply sound, non-expensive and easy to implement suitable measures for local circumstances.
  • In the frame of mobile2020, many promotion activities will be launched in the target countries, among them cycling tours and competitions.

Lessons learned

  • The project is not yet at its final stage.

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Baltic Environmental Forum Deutschland e. V.
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Graetz Matthias


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21/04/2011 to 21/01/2014
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