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MLEI SOLANOVA – City of Újbuda and Pest County (HU) (MLEI SOLANOVA)

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Panel buildings built by industrialized technology are an illustrative problem of Hungary and EasternEurope. These multi-family buildings do not meet current standards because they have huge maintenance cost, out-of-date heating-system, mouldy walls and draughty windows, as well as social problems.The main objective of the project is the integrated energy retrofit of 14 panel buildings using the SOLANOVA technique ( buildings, representing typical housing estates, are targeted by the project. The project develops full energy surveys and project designs for energy-oriented renovation. The SOLANOVA system, proved to be able to reach 60-80% of energy savings for these building types, will serve as a basis for the design of the measures.Besides technical planning and development, financing plans will be identified and developed for each building and homeowners, offering an optimal combination of private and community funding. Standardised funding schemes will be developed. Thus the implementation of the investments can be launched based on the results of the project.As the selected buildings are typical in these building types, the standardised results of the project can be easily adapted to a high number of similar buildings in the region. In this way, the project aims to serve as a basis for local programmes of great dimensions, involving the majority of the multifamily buildings in the coming years.


  • Total proposed energy investment cost: EUR 20,452,136.81;
  • Total of eligible costs for the PDA EUR 657,274;

Partners and coordinator

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Local Government & Municipality of District 11 of Budapest, Újbuda


In brief

22/06/2014 to 22/01/2015
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