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MLEI PSEE Alsace – Region of Alsace (FR) (MLEI PSEE ALSACE)

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The Alsace Region’s "Energy-Climate-Air" Plan sets targets for 2020 and 2050, in the context of the implementation of regional, national or European measures.The achievement of these objectives and the reduction of social impacts related to the rising costs of energy, are linked to the mass renovation of the existing Alsatian housing stock. A rate of energy renovation of approximately 19,000 homes/year by 2050, including 10,000 single-family homes/year is needed.The project aims to set up a Public Service for Energy Efficiency (PSEE), which should allow to considerably increase the number of thermal renovations in housing in order to meet those objectives. The PSEE offers private households technical support for their renovation projects and financing facility which attaches the debt to the property rather than to the owner.The PSEE will provide Alsatian households with:- Technical advice to design and implement energy renovations - Support to set up the financing plan for the works, which will combine existing grants, tax rebates, and commercial loans- A complementary financing facility: the renovations will be financed in the form of a debt attached to the property. Reimbursements will rely on the perception of a contribution maybe collected through local taxes. For households without repayment capacity, the renovation plan will be adapted so that the contribution may at most equal the expected energy savings.The PSEE will be implemented in close co-operation with local refurbishment platforms set up by the partner local authorities, which will implement a large part of the local activities.


  • Low-energy efficiency renovations for single-family houses, 1,000 throughout the 36 months of the project, to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Commitments from financial institutions to finance the energy efficiency plan;
  • Structuring the network of professionals in the building sector to do this work whilst improving their skills and market visibility;
  • The purpose of the project is a main contribution to reach the renovation pace of 10,000 houses per year, in 2050, targeted in the Regional Climate-Air-Energy Plan.

Lessons learned

  • Grant agreement not yet signed.

Partners and coordinator

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Région Alsace
Contact point: 
Stéphanie Bailo
0033 3 88 15 67 85


In brief

22/06/2014 to 22/01/2015
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