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Mitigating Risk and Strengthening Capacity for Rural Electricity Investment in Africa (MIRREIA)

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The MIRREIA project was developed to address some of the key barriers to private sector investment in renewable energy and the rational use of energy with the aim of increasing access to electricity in rural areas. The project is focusing on the policy and regulatory barriers and also the financial barriers. MIRREIA is working in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, however the aim is to disseminate the lessons learned to a wider audience as these are issues to be found throughout sub-Saharan Africa and internationally in developing countries. The project team, in association with strategic partners in each of the three countries, have been working with private sector developers and key institutional stakeholders in Government, rural electrification/energy agencies and with the regulator to review and identify the key barriers to encouraging investment. In addition, the team have been reviewing the major financial risks associated with such projects, which discourage the involvement of the financial sector and thus increase the costs of investment.


  • Investment in RE projects; projects assisted towards completion and closure
  • Increased dialogue between project developers and key institutional stakeholders
  • Handbook for investors and developers on the key national requirements for developing projects and opportunities for access to appropriate finance
  • Project website,, aimed at providing a portal for project participants to access and exchange information and for other interested parties to understand the project and have access to the outputs
  • Greater understanding among institutional stakeholders on the barriers to investment and within the financial sector on the risks and efforts underway to mitigate these risks

Lessons learned

  • There is a strong interest and capacity from the private sector to develop projects within the region
  • The institutional frameworks in each country are at varying stages of development/ transition and there is still uncertainty as to the support available for the private sector to draw down the costs to achieve affordable electricity
  • There is a need to disseminate knowledge and experience across and the region and within a wider geographical area. Last updated: 10.07.2010

Partners and coordinator

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Energy for Sustainable Development Ltd
United Kingdom
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Jonathan Curren
0044 1225 812102
Jonathan Curren
0044 1225 812102l
Robert Cohen
0044 (0) 1225 812 102


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01/01/2005 to 30/06/2007
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