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Measure and Share energy data with Utilities for the Covenant of Mayors (MESHARTILITY)

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The access to reliable, bottom-up energy consumption data is important for the development of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP) in order to establish sound baseline emission inventories and identify those areas that have the greatest potential for reducing energy savings and to implement targeted measures. Without the knowledge of energy consumption by sectors and areas is not possible to have effective energy planning. Therefore it is necessary to develop procedures to facilitate the exchange of data of energy consumption among energy utilities and public authorities responsible for the development of SEAP's and highlight for both sides the benefits in doing so. The project will launch a series of roundtables at EU and local level bringing together relevant stakeholders for advancing on energy data access. The result will be agreements between energy companies and public authorities for ensuring that data on energy consumption is transferred to the responsible for developing the energy plans.


  • Analysis of EU and National legal frameworks on data sharing.
  • Survey of data sharing good practices by consulting utilities, LAs and supporting structures. 2 EU roundtables and 4 National/Regional roundtables in each project country. Proposal for an EU Framework cooperation agreement. Proposal for National framework cooperation agreements
  • Framework and a guidance booklet for the production of community data at the municipality level
  • 74 Municipalities (14 project areas in 12 countries) supported in developing baseline CO2 emission inventories with reliable bottom up data in cooperation with utilities and reporting good experiences, barriers, lessons learnt for other LAs and utilities.
  • At least 2 actions implemented in the 1st year after finalisation of each SEAP.

Lessons learned

  • The EU and national legal framework were analysed. No directive, regulation, etc. that directly relates to data sharing between utilities and LAs has been identified, but the Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU was shown as holding great potential for developing a powerful instrument depending on its transposition into national legislation.
  • More than a dozen good practice examples have been collected so far.

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Save Energy Agency of Región de Murcia
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Mr. José Pablo Delgado Marín


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18/04/2012 to 17/04/2015
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