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Decision Making and Implementation Tools for Delivery of Local & Regional Bio-Energy Chains (MAKE-IT-BE)

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This project was aimed at delivering agendas for bio-energy promotion in 4 EU Regions (in Austria, Italy, Slovenia and UK) by developing and applying decision-making tools that assist in extensively identifying, evaluating and initiating bio-energy chains. Bio-energy stakeholder platforms were set-up in the regions under scope by establishing working groups including a wide range of relevant stakeholders so that the bio-energy theme is integrated into ongoing regional energy programmes. Thus, on the basis of biomass potential and through an intense consultation with stakeholders, the project delivered bio-energy agendas paving a clear way for the development or expansion of bio-energy chains. The agendas addressed biomass supply and markets, bio-energy applications and technologies, pilot projects as well as educational (e.g. in high schools/universities) and dissemination activities in a short/medium time horizon. The tools delivered and the results achieved were disseminated throughout Europe to encourage the replication of sustainable bio-energy planning


  • 16 good practices and critical factors for an effective development of bio-energy chains have been identified and are publicly available
  • Four regional platforms (bio-energy partnerships) for discussion / knowledge sharing/ refinement of tools /advisory & support services have been established and are expected to continue after the project lifetime
  • Methodologies and tools for supporting and assessing bio-energy chains implementation in sustainability conditions have been produced and are publicly available
  • Integrated bio-energy plans in 4 EU regions (in Italy, Slovenia, UK and Austria) have been created
  • Project results have been disseminated throughout Europe

Lessons learned

  • It is essential to establish a close involvement of local authorities in order to achieve a result (Agenda) which can be applied on a territory. On the other hand it is rather heavy to do this for an EU project due to the different ways followed by administrative level (regional, provincial or municipal) and a project frame, although the objectives are the same;
  • MAKE-IT-BE methodology can be an useful approach for planning biomass for energy use at local level in many EU regions according to EU Dir. 28/2009, mostly where deep and detailed biomass data are not available or they are not easy to get at local level and there is not the necessary level of awareness on this issue. From this point of view the methodology could be the first step for the process of the development of the biomass pipeline;
  • Agendas developed found a very high interest and satisfaction by local authorities involved, although their effective application will depend from the specific and different conditions available in the 4 regions/provinces involved.A key aspect in the development of biomass energy application is to improve the involvement of local authorities. A way could be to increase preliminary screening actions on the specific interests of authorities and stakeholders and their direct involvement as members

Partners and coordinator

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C.R.P.V. - Centro Ricerche Produzioni Vegetali - Società cooperativa
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Mr Tommasini
0039 0547 632565
Maria Grazia Tommasini
+39 0547632565


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01/11/2008 to 31/10/2011
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