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Life-Cycle-Cost in the Planning Process. Constructing Energy Efficient Buildings taking running costs into account (LCC-DATA)

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The LCC-DATA project aimed at easing and extending the use of Life Cycle Costs Analysis (LCCA) in the construction industry and hence improve the decision-making process towards more sustainable buildings. In more practical terms, the project aimed at developing a web-based database for benchmarking buildings' in-use costs (operation, maintenance, management, energy, etc) in order to ease LCC calculations. Using benchmarking for performing LCCA can indeed be very valuable as usual LCC analysis are often too time-demanding or too complex for the market actors (e.g. architects, engineers, large property owners). In addition, the project aimed at ensuring simplified data exchange between the different ICT-tools used in planning and decision.


  • Development of a European database for input to LCC calculations and assessments.
  • Establishment of a new LCC cost classification framework.
  • The Information Delivery Manuals for LCC at early design phase is delivered as input to IAI. The IDM also contains processes for Facility Management Service Life Planning and for calculation of energy demand.
  • It has been organised work shops and training sessions to increase the knowledge of use of LCC, particularly in the early design phase.
  • Work shops have also been organised to promote bench marking of facility management costs, and the ensure reliable use of LCC in tendering processes and private-public-partnership

Lessons learned

  • There are a certain number of market barriers regarding LCCA and costs benchmarking, e.g. the lack of maturity of the construction and property industries regarding the use of LCCA and costs benchmarking. In addition, building owners, as well as Facility Management organisations, are ofthen reluctant to share their financial data.
  • LCC Data showed that reasonably accurate results can be obtained in early phase by using key numbers or "rules of thumb" for LCCA.

Partners and coordinator

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SINTEF - Stiftelsen for industriell og teknisk forskning ved Norges tekniske høgskole
Contact point: 
Guri Krigsvoll
0047 22965550


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01/12/2006 to 31/05/2009
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