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Realising the potential for small scale renewable energy sources in the home (KITH)

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The project argues that EU Kyoto target for greenhouse gas reductions can be met if families realise that they can reduce the emissions associated with energy usage. The project's global aim is to inform and educate teachers, students and their families to realise the need and to assess the potential for energy efficiency measures and renewable energy sources in the home. A KITH handbook for schools is being produced that will include information on the sustainable use of energy, energy efficiency in the home and describe the various renewable energy technologies suitable for domestic application. A project website will include information for householders on how to assess the suitability of renewable energy for their homes. Partner collaboration will develop the master resources for translation and adaptation for local use and trialling develop methodologies for training teachers and students identify ways of informing and motivating the student's families The partners will work with local stakeholders and contact will be established with those responsible for social housing to help their resident families. Stakeholder workshops will be linked with project meetings


  • Successful trials of KITH resources for teachers and activities for students.
  • Adaptation of master texts into partner languages.
  • Appropriate methodologies for training teachers to use KITH resources.

Lessons learned

  • There is a common European acceptance that environmental education is essential for limiting climate change and that has to start in schools.
  • Methodologies for training teachers to use the KITH resources are similar throughout Europe.
  • Renewable energy sources have a key role to play in reducing dependence upon fossil fuels and the associated environmental pollution.

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Sciotech Projects Ltd
United Kingdom
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Rayner Mayer
0044 118 378 6357


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01/01/2006 to 31/12/2008
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