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Keep-on-track! (KEEP-ON-TRACK!)

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Progress towards reaching the EU's 2020 renewable energy target needs to be carefully monitored to ensure that actual development is not lagging behind the outlined trajectory. Building on the IEE project REPAP2020, Keep-on-track! has published up-to-date market data and policy recommendations alongside the trajectory outlined in the RES Directive. It provided a platform for discussion and dialogue among different market actors such as renewable energy industry associations, national and EU Parliamentarians and the scientific community. It also provided legal assistance on the implementation of the RES Directive into national law. The project ensured a close-to-market monitoring of the fulfilment of the RES trajectory for each of the 27 EU Member States and for Croatia as of its access to the EU (included in the last set of the project's publications). The project aimed at providing early warning signals in case a Member State was lagging behind its trajectory and would not manage to overcome identified barriers for RES deployment. When such a case occured, Keep-on-track! suggested solutions on how to compensate the delay encountered.


  • The project aimed at facilitating the implementation of the EU RES Directive and the National Renewable Energy Action Plans (NREAPs). It helped to reach the interim and final targets as defined by the RES Directive.
  • It gathered EU-wide market feedback on national RES market shares. It identified barriers and deviations from the indicative trajectory.
  • It created an early warning system in order to help EU Member States keeping on track with their RES share trajectory. It acted as a bridge between the renewable energy industry community and regional/national/European policy makers, parliamentarians and other stakeholders across Europe.
  • It offered legal and political advice and recommendations to support improvements of the implementation of the RES Directive. It provided policy makers the tools to push the deployment of RES in all EU Member States & to overcome identified barriers to RES development. It analysed the impact of its policy recommendations on the achievement of the 2020 targets.
  • It provided scenarios on possible RES developments by 2020 and 2030.

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European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources
Renewable Energy House
Rue d'Arlon 63-65
1040 Brussels


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30/06/2012 to 29/06/2015
Contract number: 
IEE/11/842/ SI2.616377

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