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Key Issues for Renewable Heat in Europe (K4RES-H)

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Renewable energies for heating and cooling must play a key role in any future oriented energy policy in Europe. For the short to medium term, support policies will remain vital to the development of strong RES-H markets, but policy makers often struggle with identifying effective policies. The K4RES-H project analyses 5 Key Issues, in order to develop clear and practical guidelines, which can be used to implement best practice RES-H support policies on local, regional and European level. The current political discussion of a European Directive to promote Renewable Heating and Cooling highlights the need for the answers developed within the K4RES-H project. Member States will be able to use the results to implement the future Directive.


  • Setting verifiable targets for renewable heating and cooling
  • Quantifying the energy delivery of individual renewable heating and cooling installations
  • Regulatory measures to support renewable heating and cooling
  • Financial incentives to renewable heating and cooling
  • Supporting innovative renewable heating and cooling applications (such as cooling technologies)

Lessons learned

  • Before this project, there was hardly any literature on best practice policies for RES-H and the project now offers a number of practically usable guidelines. Particularly the idea of renewable heat obligations, one of the key issues treated in the project, has become a trend EU wide, and K4RES-H has produced analytical tools and best practice guidelines, that can be used by anyone wishing to implement such a support measure.
  • Without the IEE project, this level of co-operation between the different partners would not have occurred. Therefore, having common guidelines and an Action Plan for RES-H as a whole is a major success of the project.
  • Many open questions were answered and put into reports and guidelines. They can be used immediately by anyone working in the field of RES-H policies. But the project also helped to identify where further work was still needed, e.g. on biomass statistics, on solar obligations etc. Last update: 23.06.2010

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European Solar Thermal Industry Federation aisbl
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Mr Pedro Dias
+32 2 546 19 38
Uwe Trenkner
0032-2-546 19 38
Uwe Brechlin
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Mr Pedro Dias
0032 (0)2 546 19 37


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