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INnovative Tools for Energy Regulations of Provinces Associations on Renewable Energy Sources (INTER - PARES)

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The project addresses the importance of ensuring increased market penetration of electricity produced from renewable energy sources. In order to trigger new investments it is fundamental to reduce the regulatory and non-regulatory barriers which block the increase in electricity production from renewable energy sources. Most of the local authorities capacity of enabling policies and strategies on RES remains unexploited: pre-existing RES-e policies must be streamlined and expedited and innovative local plans can be still implemented. INTER PARES aims at achieving concrete solutions with a substantial impacts: its design teams up of three National Government Central Associations representing 205 European Local Authorities, (107 Italian Provinces, 57 Greek Prefectures and 41 Romanian Counties); both central Association and Local Authorities will be challenged to developing and implementing concrete solutions for enabling RES-e policies and strategies


  • Detailed analysis of the administrative barriers and an exhaustive state-of the art and benchmark of the legislative frameworks in force at Provincial level (205 local authorities taken into account);
  • For the first time Local Authorities could really discuss on concrete administrative obstacles hindering and discouraging the authorizations for build RES plants. From the meetings between Local Authorities emerged the lack of a standardize model - at National level – on the procedures applied for the request of authorization.
  • National seminars realized with a big impact. The action was presented to a large number of Local authorities, to associations, RES operators, investors and Central administration. The seminars represented the opportunity to share the problems related to administrative procedure and the feedbacks received were taken into account for the identification of the streamlined solutions.
  • Through the NUTS III level Associations (UNCJR and UPI) all target group interested have been reached: All provinces in Italy and all Romanian counties have been constantly informed on the Project steps. A part from the Local Authorities , other target group have been informed and involved: Associations, Ministries, Regions, Press.
  • In terms of sustainability, this action has reached significant results. Considering the concrete benefits showed in terms of streamlined solutions applied, a big dissemination to local authorities has been made by assuring their application to a wider number of Administrations. Furthermore, the Central administration level has expressed interested in the action. In fact, in Italy, for example, the GSE Gestore Servizi Energetici has signed a Protocol to widespread the INTER-PARES results.

Lessons learned

  • Clear identification of critical points (non-technological barriers) of the national legislation and licensing procedures.
  • Identification of efficient solutions that speed up the Procedures related to authorizations.
  • The importance of sharing the same method among partners so as to increase the impact of results at European level.

Partners and coordinator

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Union of the Italian Provinces
Contact point: 
Mrs Evelina Fortunato
+39 0642010902 / 907


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01/09/2009 to 30/06/2012
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