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Innovative Financing of Social Housing Refurbishment in Enlarged Europe (INOFIN)

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This project looks to design financing schemes for refurbishments which are tailored to each country's needs and which involve both new technologies and new building materials. It is exploring potential links between cross-border initiatives and international finance institutions, helping put together grants, loans, third party financing, and investment funds with the aim of stimulating energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources. Showcase projects are helping develop local and regional expertise.


  • Country surveys on social housing carried out and published for eight countries. Results show large differences in social housing between western European countries and new Member States, complicating refurbishment projects.
  • As new Member States have become countries of homeowners, the setting up of homeowner associations has been recommended.
  • Report published on new financing schemes. Better access to private sector financing is needed as government budgets for refurbishment are not sufficient.
  • Knowledge transfer guide on finance schemes will be published for use in training courses.
  • Best practice and building examples are provided on the project website for several countries, including a cross country survey.

Lessons learned

  • No common definition of the term "Social Housing" in the partner regions
  • The need of (innovative) financial schemes was identified as a core task of the project (motivation for investors)
  • Existing demand on refurbishment measures in all partner regions

Partners and coordinator

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CEBra - Centrum für Energietechnologie Brandenburg GmbH
Contact point: 
Georg Wagener-Lohse
0049 173 53 53 105


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01/01/2006 to 31/12/2008
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