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Actions and Strategies for Sustainable Growth through Community Networking and Innovative Thinking (INNOVATIVE THINKING)

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The basis for the project is the fact that building a sustainable future needs involvement of both politicians and decision-makers, as well as community market actors, utilities and key energy users in the community. The main objective of the project is to establish and implement an action plan in each participating community. This includes concrete actions such as investment plans for appropriate technological innovations, action plans and capacity building activities. The project focuses on the processes for long-term involvement and innovative thinking in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency in buildings and industries as well as in the transport sector.


  • Community status reports – overview of present energy situation and key barriers for sustainable development and energy savings
  • Community strategies for the transition towards a sustainable energy community
  • Community action plans – concrete actions to overcome the barriers for energy efficiency and renewable energy project implementation
  • European conference on local community processes towards sustainable energy and energy saving in transport, housing and industry
  • Guideline for Community processes towards sustainable energy and energy saving in transport, housing and industry and booklet on good examples

Lessons learned

  • Collection of data for the energy consumption and balances in the various countries takes time and are not available in several areas, both at local and regional level. Statistics and available facts in databases are often old ( 2-3 years).
  • Do not underestimate the language barriers within the consortium, the various political systems and roles as well as models for decision that exist within the communities.

Partners and coordinator

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Dals-Eds Kommun
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Christian Nilsson
0046 534 19000


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01/12/2006 to 31/05/2009
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