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INnovative FINancIng for Local SusTainable Energy Solutions (INFINITE SOLUTIONS)

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Local authorities involved in INFINITE SOLUTIONS (called INFINITE LAs) are located in BE, DE, DK, FR, HR, IT, LV, NL, and PT.INFINITE LAs - all Covenant of Mayors  (CoM) signatories – will carry out peer coaching activities aiming at developing the expertise of local staff and at replicating two proved financing schemes tested by the cities of Stuttgart (DE) and Delft (NL) in learning LAs:- 4 LAs, committed to implement their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs)’ measures in the public sector, will create a revolving fund linked to internal contracting (intracting) financing scheme.- 5 LAs committed to implement actions in the private building sector will create a revolving fund linked to soft loans financing scheme.The city of Stuttgart will build on its experience with intracting and will test an innovative financing mechanism by setting up a public financial engineering support service facilitating private energy performance contracting targeting the owners of residential buildings. It is expected that thanks to this scheme, the annual energy refurbishment rate in the residential sector will increase significantly at local level. While the current rate stagnates between 1 and 2% of the building stock, the objective is to raise this rate up to 3 % and to go, on a voluntary basis, beyond the EED objectives and scope. 


  • A comparative analysis of European experiences with revolving funds, intracting, private contracting and soft loans financing schemes will be carried out to refine the experiences of Delft and Stuttgart; A training programme for LAs will be developed to foster intracting, private contracting and soft loans financing schemes.
  • 6 peer coaching meetings will be organised for INFINITE LAs, complemented by at least 9 webinars/online peer coaching meetings; 1 European train the trainers workshop will also be organised;
  • 10 local studies and local action plans specifying how to adapt European experiences and to implement the financing schemes within national and local contexts of INFINITE LAs will be carried out;
  • 9 revolving funds will be created (Stuttgart’s fund already exists) in learning INFINITE LAs and intracting, private contracting and soft loans financing schemes implemented;

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Energy Cities
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Ms Kinga Kovacs
0033-3-81 65 37 93


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22/06/2014 to 22/01/2015
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